How to build a ship in 15 minutes

Following our work on the BAE Systems data management video, we were quickly commissioned for another, much larger elearning animation – an overview of the ship building process as an introduction for new starters. The whole process can take up to a decade, so producing an introduction in no more than 15 minutes was just the kind of challenge that we love!

The ship building video covered everything from the considerations for headspace and sleeping quarters, to a launch of the ship by the queen (complete with champagne and a handbag). To help the users take in the information, a set of simple multiple-choice quizzes were dotted throughout the video.

Bright Butler have been able to take complex subject matter and translate this into a script and visuals that can convey key messages in a way that the target audience find engaging. I really can’t recommend them highly enough.

Ian Sinclair,
Head of Consulting (Public Sector), Civica